Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Lil smile infinite happiness...serendipity

Listening to vicco termeric audio in a multiplex..
Seeing a 'KissMe' toffee bar on a shelf in a mall..
Seeing a 5 paise 10 paise 20 paise 25 paise coins in your piggy bank..
Flipping through old albums & getting sight of your own obnoxious fashion sense..
Reading the same forwarded message again & surprisingly laugh on it this time as well..
Hearing an old cult song & wondering how did it became so famous..people hummed it..actually? What are you saying? "amma dekh tera munda bigda jaye","garam chai ki pyali","tan tana tan tan tan tara"..
when u realize your old clothes lying in cupboard since ages still fit you..there smiled your lips :)
Finding a misplaced object & realizing you kept it in this very place..a face palm..ishhh :D
Ecstacy spills over after discovering some currency notes in long forgotten torn jeans pockets..
You are pleasantly surprised when you see a school mate awaiting the same train as you..that quick candid chat refreshes you..

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