Monday, November 17, 2014

The lost "hUmAn(E)" in Human Resource Management

Case I: Thanks! But No Thanks!

Dear could have been employer,

I am an interview candidate seated in a corner of your office; you probably would not bother to know. XYZ Private Ltd. does not value the time of an interview candidate. In all the five days I have come here, I have been called at morning 10.30 with any process happening only at 6 in the evening. One day it even happens that I am waiting all day long & asked to leave office without even meeting any of the HR teams. I have spent 11+ hours (8 hour day + OT) at this office doing absolutely nothing. I have already gone through 4 rounds of screening & the company still is undecided on hiring me.

It’s a feeling of being demeaned, & my efforts & time are of no value to my prospective employer. I thank you for giving me this opportunity, but I think this is not working out for me. If it is about testing my patience, then all the days are not meant for it. 


An interview candidate

Case II: You are a liability. We do a favour by hiring you…

Job candidates’ profile: Engineer + 2.5 years’ work experience + MBA + 2 to 3 certifications (mentioned in chronological order of occurrence)
In interview

The interviewer: Tell me about yourself

Candidate: I am……………………

The interviewer: Sounds interesting. But you are just out of MBA College so we will consider you a fresher. We will have to give you training & it will incur cost. You see they don’t teach you anything in your Engineering & MBA. It is all just theory & on paper. So you should be glad that you will be trained here & yet paid by us. So you are a liability to us for atleast the first 6 months of your job. We can at the max offer you a package of 3 lakh per annum.

Candidate: Smiling (forcefully out of courtesy. Freaking out & thinking, Ch***** hai kya? Rakh tera job)

Case III: Follow up

Interviewed candidate awaiting results: In mail

Hello Sneha (name used strictly for representation purpose only),

I was interviewed by Mr. Senior Manager 2 weeks ago. I am curious to know as to what is the outcome of my interview?

Awaiting to hear from you.

An interview candidate

Candidate awaiting the reply of the mail: Over the telephone
Could I speak to Sneha?
Sneha: Hello
Candidate: Hello Neha. I am ABC & I came for an interview 3 weeks ago. I am still interested in the opening & would like to know the status of my candidature.
Sneha: I will give you a call by EOD (phone hung)

Candidate awaiting her call anxiously. EOD. Its 6 pm. Dialed number. Phone rings, no one takes the call. Next day, phone rings, no one pick up the call. Week went. No reply from Sneha or the XYZ Pvt. Ltd.

(PS: Don’t you feel it’s a responsibility of a company & the right of an interviewed candidate to know the outcome of their interviews?)

Sometimes the HR personnel are the rudest of all the employees in a company with the security & peons included.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

तुम याद आते हो...

बंद करुँ आँखें, ख्वाब बन जलाते हो ..

झुकाऊँ जो पलकें हया से, मुस्का के चिढ़ाते हो...

लिपट कर लग जाऊँ जो गले, तो खुद पे इतराते हो ..

आजाये जो हथेली हाथों में , तो मुझपे पूरा हक़ पाते हो ..

होठों पे मेरे रख कर वो एहसास, तन-मन पिघलते हो ..

गर्मी की चुभन हो, सर्दी की सिहरन हो, बरसात की सीलन ..

पतझड़ कि धूल हो, और बहार में कविता बन जाते हो ???

तुम ही कहो कैसे जिया जाये,जब इतनी बुरी तरह याद आते हो!!??

                                                            -वर्षा :)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

An illegitimate affair...

Running off the site of a family friend...camouflaging from kin and foes alike...veiling the face, helmets on...on the go they go ..the heart humming love songs...embarking the rains they go on perfect romantic ride...barging on the orthodox clan, the excitement trills and the pump beats...when there is no other world outside each others' eyes..when every happiness seems to be over sized..

He belongs to an X state and she is from Y...their folks cannot see eye to eye...they are discouraged, threatened, brain washed...blackmailed with live emoticons...the mothers worried about rites and rituals being difference...the fathers concerned what others would say...they are the same parents who were so particular about their kids getting the them all to bring a smile to their face...but now suddenly all seems so dream the parents patronize...its a matter of ego and pride for them...the happiness and consent of kids are no more important...and the opposition continues....

The result could be...either they elope and live far far away, lonely, guilty all the time, haunted and in dismay... or they can simply die together if not live...either would they be scapegoats of honour killings or they would be tortured and separated forever...

shopping anyone??