Friday, June 12, 2015

...and they say women are complicated

Shopping can lift the mood of any women in the universe..
Did i hear cricket?baseball?aah one knows what works for all the men..& they say women are cimplicated...

Women at any point of time like dressing up, doing make up..
Men may or may not dress up to the occassion..& the ones who do are labelled what not..some are look conscious some dont even bother..& they say women are complicated..

Women cry when they have to..they laugh aloud when needed...
Men? do they cry? do they laugh their heaŕt out? always restricted...aaarghh..!& then they say women are complicated...???? really???

Women cant keep secrets..they speak out all they have..
Men keep secrets..they keep their heart filled with stuffs..they wont simply say it..but they do say women are complicated...

Women are accused of being too emotional..
Men..can u even handle an emotional situation...what?yes?give u say women are complicated?

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