Sunday, August 25, 2013

So Indian men have the licence to RAPE..

Heard two elderly and educated men dicussing..and then he uttered.."vo udhar gayi hi kyun?"(why did she go there?)

So a lady going to a particular place or area gives these men an authority to RAPE them, right?

A girl wearing sleeveless, shorts, revealing dresses or having a drink or two permits these men to pounce up on her and destroy her being...

Okay! these act tempt them..they get aroused..well taken that..

So i am tempted now..i am desperate to kill these shall i go and kill them..the most apt punishment they deserve and not these legal trials..

Thursday, August 1, 2013

the Compartment

Smiling faces..teary eyes..dimpled cheeks..raised brows..some doing make up..some making woolens..guys bet you cannot shave without cuts as we in the ladies compartment apply eye liners,lipsticks and nail-paints..some in a rush to reach home..some in solace find ecstasy thinking of the special someone..yes there is bitching and pulling hair and poking elbows and verbose quarrel and sometimes even physical fights..welcome to the whole new world of great a Mumbai local train compartment..

shopping anyone??