Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spreading Gandhigiri-My Experience with Truth

I am writing this after doing a bit of mine in an unique endeavor of spreading awareness about and promoting literature based on the man called,

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

With a lot of reluctance and disinclination we- a team of 6 management students commenced our journey on a path unseen and less traveled. The first step for corporate selling activity was to find a corporate office where we would go and mind you it was a herculean task.

Finally we could get one such office and went there just for the sake of completing the activity. But the response we got there in terms of people's interest in Mr. Gandhi was astonishing. There was a little spark in our hearts which was enough to ignite into a eternal lamp of truth, non-violence, hope and resurrecting our beliefs on teachings on the Father of the Nation.

Time for the second step and we were much more enthusiastic about our venture and targeted a school as it was apt to know the minds of these little kids on Gandhiji. By now were already basking in the glory of success of our first selling activity and worked with double the valor.We showed the school kids a movie based on teachings of Gandhiji and a quiz on the Mahatma was conducted, to which the students responded very positively. In spite of some technical glitches and time constraints we came out with flying colors this time as well. 

We happened to make some little friends for us as well and spread smiles. We were happy to spread the message of truth and non-violence to these little Samaritans who will carry forward the legacy. We sold around 160 odd books on Gandhiji and still counting.

Jagruti with the tag line -"Wakeup -Take up - Move up… Together" successfully achieves its purpose of inculcating - Entrepreneurial Training + Practical Learning + Ethical Decision Making amongst Management Students and society as a whole.

None the  less the activity has taught us many a lessons of life along with valuable management ones.

Now we know - one can ignore him, laugh at him, bad mouth him , hate him or love him, but cannot ignore him.

  • Jagruti - an initiative of Chetana's Institute of Management & Research, is an activity of creating awareness and sales of outreach for Gandhian Literature, modeled on NITIE program ‘Shanti Eva Jayate’ with Dr T. Prasad, NITIE as the mentor.
  • It was conceptualized in 2011 and is a completely student driven project. It is being successfully organized with over 720 students having a reached over 2,00,000 people through corporate displays, schools, exhibitions, railway stations, traffic signals.
  • Media coverage – DNA, Hindustan Times, Mumbai Mirror, IBN Lokmat, Navbharat Times, Loksatta, Bernama News (A Malaysian Daily), Akashwani, MUST Radio, 91.3 FM.


  1. yes.. indeed a great experience.. specially being with the school kids..

  2. Wonderful job Varsha...oops, Rain :) proud of your work. Please post pics on the blog too. Dr Aparna Rao

  3. sorry was so late in reading your blog..very proud of you..keep up the good work or should i say ' keep raining "..you are brilliant..lots of love and blessings


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