Monday, October 1, 2012

My Experiments with Truth....Part III


The third part of Gandhiji's autobiography can be distinguished into two parts:
( i ) Going to South Africa with his family
( ii ) His return to India
It starts from deciding attires of his family,home educating his children to acquitting his assailants . After the birth of his last child he practiced abstinence (Brahmacharya) and took up full-fledged social service. The seeds of self-help (Swavlamban) were sown with the English barber's denial to cut Gandhiji's hair. Throughout his stay in South Africa he worked for the betterment of rights and living of Indians there.

On arrival to India his stint with Congress began. He met veterans like Gokhale, etc. His sojourn in third class compartment of train introduced him to the plight of co-passengers. Benaras visit was another eye-opener in terms of prevailing insanity at holy places. His career took off really well in Bombay and he settled there. Keeping promise he returned to South Africa.


Washing his own clothes and cutting his hair, he exudes qualities like self-help and simplicity. Also his abnegation from sexual pleasures and switching to Satvik food shows his perseveranceself-control and will power. His penchant towards patients, poor and ill-treated Indians in South Africa vouches for his philanthropic nature and resistance to injustice.

He exhibits courage and leadership forgiving his attackers and in trying to reform the sanitary practices of fellow Indians and honesty in not accepting gifts for his services to people. He earned respect and good relations serving the war-torn soldiers.
He has clear views about serving people and improving India and is unafraid to express his views. He accepts the slacks, dis-organization and casual approach of Congress workers and suggests measures for improvement.

It's the phase of a leader in making, who preaches by examples and has same regards for all kinds of work and people.

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