Sunday, August 7, 2011 of Corporate!!!

....early morning herald here is an exorbitantly spicy cook (pun intended).Bitches and doggies open mouthed to snatch their share of breakfast, a bonus if grabbed of the others' jaw.Even palatable if on the expense of others' mockery, melancholy,despair....Altercation here sounds mellifluous while malevolence flows in empathy.Here accomplices are the worst trusted, rivals become affiliates on the very blink of eyes.Each allegory being abyss.The one at the acme is the most in the nadir,playing the game of politics with great aplomb and abiding by the rules of hypocrisy.New sunrises culminating the bitches to vixens,the dogs to swines...Camaraderie is when superior needs a luxury,hierarchy when you ask for your rights.Where promotion is in direct variation to the number of  corpses (corpse of humanity,compassion,characters and all these petty virtues) you have trekked along the way.Its a world of ruthlessness,of tyrants,of apathetic herds of individuals,of bull fights,of cat feuds,of sanguinary vamps and vampires, of hires and fires,of unjust and even more unjust's.......Welcome to the world of cOrPoRaTe's

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