Sunday, November 9, 2008


Last evening i heard a song from an old Manoj Kumar movie.It said,
"Jab zero diya mere BHARAT ne,duniya ko tab ginti ayi......taron ki bhasha BHARAT ne,duniya ko pehle sikhlayi..."
&so on with the firsts INDIA has produced....
Certainly was filled with pride as,i am an INDIAN too.But today morning while going through the newspapers,saw the Obama news & a thought struck me....Why are we so obsessed with America?What happens there?What say they have?Why are our newspapers so filled with their news 10,000 miles away?Was thinking & concluded that,it is so because we depend on them in more ways than one.Their economy affects ours,their political decisions carry high priority for us.Their bulls & bears drop;& our's collapses.So is the situation that,America sneezes & India catches a cold.I am not blaming America & thats for sure.They obviously are in such commanding position.But what happened to India???We gave zeros,others consolidated on it & gained infinity;& we still are left with zeros.We taught others the language of stars & are still awaiting success of some Chandrayaan,while some Armstrong already got his footprints marked strong on the moon.we gave the decimal point but failed to prove any point after that.Civilization's birth place,workplace of arts & culture...;why do we strive to be civilised today?We keep on basking on our past glories but fail to strengthen our present that will brighten our future.We still keep on praising Kapil's devils but why don't we build Dhoni's unconquerables??Whenever we are about to lose,we camouflage ourselves behind our culture & history.When are we going to stop behaving like this & take the reins of responsibility in our hands?You know?Since i have started studying geography,have seen India being quoted as a "Developing nation"...& awaiting it to be a "Developed nation".....When are we going to break the shackles of religion,region,caste,status & gender?When are we going to blame ourselves for our mistakes instead of others?

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