Saturday, November 29, 2008

I want my Mumbai back......!!!!

Please stop calling us "RESILIENT MUMBAIKARS" now....It sounds more like a mockrey of us rather than praise...Brave Mumbaikars,spirts of mumbaikars......&blah blah....
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH......we are not in the mood to take any more of it...right since 1993 riots to 28 July 2003(ghatkopar),then 11 of July 2006(train blasts)......&now 26 of November 2008.....what are we waiting for????Another taj,oberoi massacre???
Yes!we are every day struggle...struggle to burn our kitchen fuels,struggle to get into the crowded trains,struggle against deluge.....but these barbaric,cold blooded ways...not any more...
Will the authorities wake up,atleast after all this??will they stop playing the shameless,insensitive,political blame games atleast during these difficult hours???
will our securities enact stringency???
Is the government going to learn a lesson from this & REMEMBER it???Or every thing will be forgotten as is always done???
Let me remind every one of us that this wasn't an action movie or a 3 day cricket match,just to be watched,get entertained & forget.....
"We are resiliant by force & not by choice.....They(terrorists) should not take our tolerance as our weakness"
We pay tribute to the martyrs....we owe u...but let me remind the authorities that their lives are precious.......


  1. wow i dint know u could write so well....hmmm very good..keep it up....

  2. Too many questions unanswered, too many answers unquestioned, too many things to remind ourselves of and too many things to forget. How much of thought has been put into this thought and how much has been left behind? Whoever has written this, has to keep this blog alive. Only initiation wont be enough my dear, perseverance is what will matter. Only sowing seeds has never been enough, watering the seed and developing it into a fully grown tree is what matters. Keep up the good work, all the best!

  3. i know who has writen this and am scared of her now.come on now write something which is not that serious.

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  5. Varsha..every mumbaikar is thinking what you are thinking, feeling the sadness, the anger just like you are, and throwing the volley of questions that you are. However, when are we going to question ourselves?
    No, we never been tolerant! Honestly, we have never really cared! Crying over the bomb blasts, condemning the act, cursing the government is not called 'Caring'!
    Now we are Scared!
    It is time to get out of our seats and 'Do Something!'


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