Thursday, February 2, 2012

Did you ever notice?

Did you ever notice...?

You buy a high end cell phone and suddenly others' handsets seems to be the most outdated and obsolete structures.You wonder where did those who inspired you to get one disappeared with their gizmo...

The most wicked looking aunty in the bus ,whom u set on the pedestal of devil..&she offers you a seat or may be insists on holding your bag...

Or u realize certain incident happening right now to have taken place in d past..

On some day you are late to office & you wish the train to be late by a minute or two & your wish is granted..

You craving for pav bhaji or pani puri & you rich home after a long tiring day to get a pleasant surprise that mama actually preparing the same for dinner... :-)

You buy a particular dress with much pomp only to realise later it does not suit you... :-(

While watching a movie,you become a ghost writer only to later be proud that the actual writer of the script also thought your way..

You were dying to own a particular book & find in out of stock after even after a couple of  failed attempts to purchase it....& then a friend lends you the same for a barter...

You are fed up of your tedious work schedule..&the company announces an off in memory of a lost colleague....sad but a breather of holiday... :-( ;-)

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